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Acquaintances, photo, travelling, music. No matter what the topic is, everybody likes talking about their hobbies. There is somebody who asks questions, there is somebody who tells stories, and somebody who is only on the watch. Their personalities generate content that contribute to the development of the site. Web2 is about this. It is not a wonder weapon. It is a sheer search for the way to reach the self-supporting development of the content. Show them what you have got, give advise, ask for help and live public life. 100 users' experience is much better than a single expert's opinion.

Our solution mixes the advantages of classical content provider websites with the new web2 solutions. The cementing force is exhibitionism in a certain topic. No matter what: cars, motorcycles or mobile phones.

The new trend also changes the measurement of the attendance statistics. Due to the technology site downloads are minimised, but the content increases. Therefore it is obvious to measure the time spent on a particular site - which is much longer in the case of a public site than in the case of a traditional news site. Advertisement value hence increases dramatically.


  • Totally rearrangeable site structure and image
  • Keeping and probing of users
  • Self-generating content
  • Operator co-ordination is possible
  • You can publish own news
  • High attendance and time statistics
  • User friendly solutions
  • Well developed and complex data safety solutions


  • Detailed production of personal data form with photo album
  • Personal blog with tagcloud
  • Personal diary of expenses
  • Individual message board
  • Birthday spotting
  • Favourites function
  • Small ads function
  • Forum and poll
  • Operator publishing with statistics and evaluation
  • Complex administration
  • Any amount of language mutations
  • Event publishing with registering in advance
  • Adverticum



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