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One work of art, thousands of data. It has a past, it is part of our history. Somebody created it, it entered into the possession of owners and collectors, it got lost, then was found and restored, finally displayed... Everything that happened to this work of art during its career has valuable information and gives knowledge for us.

WorksManager© provides you with up to date information about your collection: paintings, sculptures, folk art objects, photos or music. You will know everything about them - inventory, production, usage, data describing objects or events, storage, exhibitions, preventive and restoration information. Sometimes a picture is worth than a thousand words: you can associate pictures, voice recordings or videos with your work of art.

You can organise, group or review the works by a single click. You can share some parts of the information with guest researchers, visitors or with the whole world. You can create temporary collections or a field of work. You have the opportunity to use form patterns, publish or make an inventory of your data. You can set the range of duties to your co-workers (in administrative or technical fields) in such a way that WorksManager© can be reached from all around the world.


  • You can determine every question, data storage logic will be set according to your needs
  • Graphic operator surface, quick acquirement
  • Web platform hence can be accessed from anywhere
  • Remarkably flexible search surface - you can start a query by any archive data
  • Creating data relation at will
  • Easy co-worker management and duty description


  • Storage of detailed data about works of art
  • Intelligent browser - you can create any search condition that can be saved or shared with others
  • Surfing - with its help you can access the similar and related documents by a single click
  • Printing of overviews, inventory books, publications in PDF format
  • Co-worker management, extensive administration of authority


National Office of Cultural Heritage

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