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One client, numerous data. A cocktail of facts and personal judgement which changes constantly. You can reach, identify, collect unique information then administrate and evaluate them. You will almost know what you would like and how.

Collect and organise information with the help of ClientTracker©. This is a CRM solution that really works because it is built on the newest platforms and it uses each advantage of web technology. Because you are the one who defines the information to be collected. Because you are the one who customizes the reports so that they can be exported to other applications. It can be improved arbitrarily according to current trends. You can have resort to numerous convenient functions. Last but not least, it can easily be put into operation and has calculable expenses.

ClientTracker© gives you the opportunity to set the scope of duties to co-workers, to give out tasks and to check them. The program lets managers look inside clients’ opinions and history, and helps through flexible reporting method to be constantly aware of the foreseeable future.


  • You can determine every question, data storage logic will be set according to your needs
  • Company profile published on each document
  • Graphic operator surface, quick acquirement
  • Web platform hence can be accessed from anywhere
  • Remarkably flexible search surface - you can start a query by any archive data
  • Creating data relation at will
  • Easy co-worker management and duty description
  • Custom modules (semi-open API)


  • Storage of detailed data about clients
  • Functions related to operative events
  • Surfing - with its help you can access the similar and related documents by a single click
  • Leader overview - you can produce reports from every possible aspect - client, event or co-worker
  • Printing of reports in PDF format
  • Intelligent browser - you can create any search condition that can be saved or shared with others.
  • Managing co-workers' sphere of authority



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