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One car, thousands of data. The life of a car cannot be sheerly described by the name of its owner. From the very moment of its birth it produces data which identify, classify and give value to the car. During the life of the vehicle it produces expenses, it lays claims to servicing which are administrated by suppliers and subcontractors.

One client, numerous data. Cocktail of facts and personal judgement which changes constantly. You can reach, identify, collect unique information, then administrate and evaluate them. You know what you would like (CRM tasks: ClientTracker©) and how, therefore you will not lose them.

Lots of cars, lots of clients. Information management is the key to all businesses so to managing vehicle fleet, too. FleetManager© provides solutions for having up to date information about your vehicle fleet (administration tasks, insurance and relevant taxation issues, servicing and insurance events, additional services and their value), for clientele (detailed information, offer and hire history, use of reductions), as well as for current client portfolio. You can make scope of your co-workers' duties (at sales, administration and technical areas) in such a way that you can reach FleetManager© from all over the world.


  • Consistent presence of company image in every document, display of graphic elements at will
  • Simple production of documents, no forgotten data
  • Web platform therefore it can be reached from anywhere
  • Producing quick reports, simple outline
  • Simple management of co-workers, settling scope of duties
  • Custom modules (semi-open API)


  • Production of financing offer and storage in PDF format
  • Conclusion of a contract and producing necessary documents in PDF format (contracts, interchange records, licenses)
  • Registration by clients, by license plate number, by subcontractors
  • State change in fleet: permanent hire car and daily hire car management
  • Watching and reminding of expiry date including registration documents
  • Itemized setting of additional services
  • Managing documents in Hungarian and in English
  • Survey of fleet park by value, by the piece and by time
  • Co-worker management, extensive administration of authority



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